“Jesus’ Favourite Book Of The Bible”

“Jesus’ Favourite Book Of The Bible”— a 4-part study of Isaiah

Wednesdays Mar. 11, 25 and Apr. 1 and 8 at 7:00 PM in the Chapel Okay, we may not know if Jesus did indeed have a favourite book in the Hebrew Scriptures — but to judge from the way he announced his ministry to his home synagogue in Nazareth, it could have been this one. 

This Bible study will dive into a book of the Bible that is cited no fewer than 76 times in the Common Lectionary – the most of any Old Testament book – and a book which early Church Fathers like Gregory of Nyssa and St. Jerome praised as “containing all the mysteries of the religion of the Gospel”.
Although our four weeks will not really be enough for an in-depth study of this massive and massively fascinating and inspiring text, hopefully it will whet our appreciation for the love and regard with which it is held by both the Jewish and Christian communities of faith.

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