Maple Grove United Church is proud to sponsor the 4th Trafalgar Scout Troup.

Scouts Canada image

There are different scout groups that cater to the different ages of boys and girls that meet at the church through the week.

  • Monday:  Rangers at 7:00pm – ages 15-17
  • Tuesday:  Algonquin Cub Pack at 7:00 pm – ages 8-10
  • Thursday: Mohawk Cub Pack at 7:00 pm – ages 8-10

*Monthly Monday: Venturers at 7:00 pm – ages 15-17
*meet first Monday of the month.

Meetings for this year usually end between the middle of May and the last week of May depending on the section, with summer trips happening in June, July and August depending on the section level.

Registration for next year is anticipated to start on May 1st.  Early renewal and early registration have been an increasing trend the past two years, for example more than 25 of the current 34 cubs signed up last spring.

Registration is completed online at or

Andy King’s Blog

This week Andy King’s poetry website surpassed 100 000 views! Through Andy’s ministry, so many have been enriched spiritually, and through the many ministers who, like I, have been including Andy’s poetry in our worship services regularly, Andy’s ministry has reached many thousands of worshippers.
Check out his blog at
Such a great gift to Christians globally! Thank you, Andy.
Rev. Morar
Here’s an example:

(John 4: 5-42)

How often have I come here,
Jesus, to this place of
old faith and fresh neediness,
bent down with the burden
of my failures, stumbling
in my thirsting for hopefulness,
the cracked vessel of my heart
leaking grief. . .

how often have I come here
not expecting you in the heat
of my pressures,
not expecting you in the stress
of my confusion,
yet meeting you
who offers water to the helpless,
who quenches the raw thirst
for acceptance,
who gives the deep sustenance
of kindness without payment,
the nourishment of love without limit. . .

how often have you met me,
refilling my heart, leaving me
astonished again in the depths of my being
that you waited here
for me, even me?

Copyright ©2017 by Andrew King

Sermon Series – Misereor – Hunger Cloth

Painting depicting hunger and misery by Haitian artist Jacques Chéry
Painting depicting hunger and misery by Haitian artist Jacques Chéry – From
Misereor – Hunger Cloth
This creation of the Haitian artist Jacques-Richard Chéry belongs to Maple Grove United Church. It will be the inspiration for a series of sermons exploring who Christ is for our world today. Join us over the next several weeks to reflect on the intersection of scripture, art and your own life.

Blessings, Morar

April 9: Palm / Passion Sunday;
Rev. Dr. Morar Murray-Hayes
Jesus Crucified, On the Tree of Life
Crucifixion / Tree of Life
April 2: Blessed Assurance
The banquet of the disciples
“I Come to the Garden Alone”
sung by a former member of Maple Grove’s Koinonia and Teen Choirs
March 19: Jesus cleansing the temple
Jesus cleansing the Temple
March 12: Misereor: The Hunger Cloth Part 6: People climbing out of the water
People being rescued from the water
A portion of a painting
by the Haitian artist Jacques-Richard Chéry
which belongs to Maple Grove United Church.
March 5: Misereor: The Hunger Cloth Part 5: Adam and Eve, creation
Adam & Eve in the Garden
A portion of a painting
by the Haitian artist Jacques-Richard Chéry
which belongs to Maple Grove United Church.

February 5. “The fourth in a series of sermons based on Misereor: The Hunger Cloth – Responses to Oppression: A Theology of War? A Theology of Peace?”

a portion of a painting by the Haitian artist Jacques-Richard Chéry which belongs to Maple Grove United Church.
a portion of a painting by the Haitian artist Jacques-Richard Chéry which belongs to Maple Grove United Church.

January 29, “Keeping us on the Straight and Narrow”

a portion of a painting by the Haitian artist Jacques-Richard Chéry which belongs to Maple Grove United Church.
a portion of a painting by the Haitian artist Jacques-Richard Chéry which belongs to Maple Grove United Church.

January 22, “Caring for our World”

a portion of a painting by the Haitian artist Jacques-Richard Chéry which belongs to Maple Grove United Church.
a portion of a painting by the Haitian artist Jacques-Richard Chéry which belongs to Maple Grove United Church.

January 15, “Jesus in the lifeboat on the ocean that is our lives.”

A portion of a painting of people on a boat in a rough sea
The portion of the painting discussed Sunday, January 15

Wide, wide as the ocean –

sung by a former member of Maple Grove’s Koinonia and Teen Choirs

Why Attend Maple Grove’s 9:00 a.m. Service

Church Sanctuary

Maple Grove has two services for most fall, winter, and spring Sundays, one at 9:00 a.m. and another zt 10:30. The 9:00 service attendees have recently described the importance of their time slot.

Top Ten Reasons to Attend Worship at Maple Grove at 9.00 am
With input from nearly all the members of the 9am service, we appreciate the opportunity to express our thoughts about Worship in The Grove at the early service.

  1. We are the dress rehearsal for the 10:30 service: a shorter quieter version.
  2. Although comparatively small in numbers (30 – 4o parishioners) we are awesome in years of membership, service and support…..over 1000 years!!
  3. Don’t let the white hair, semi-white or lightly coloured hair fool you…we are young at heart. welcome all ages and represent most of the generations at Maple Grove.
  4. May of us practise meditation and participate in the programs offered at Maple Grove: e.g. Tuesday Evening’s Contemplative Prayer and Saturday Morning’s Zen Meditation. We enjoy Mediation during our service as well as other quiet times to reflect.
  5. Because we come to know each other well, we have a bonding fellowship. We are not only compassionate and caring in times of crisis but celebrate “happy days” as well. We’d like to get to know you!
  6. We enjoy the occasional musical offerings given by the choir, children choir, the Bell choir (monthly!) as well as musical soloists (instrumental and vocal). We appreciate their efforts on our behalf. Special thanks to our new organist for seeking and accommodating our preferences.
  7. We can’t recall the last time a baptism was held at our service. It would be a welcome addition for us.
  8. If you’re into fashion, you’ll be please with fashion consciousness in our group. Both its stylishness and uniqueness….come enjoy us!!!!
  9. For planning family time, the 9:00 am service allows the convenience and benefit to optimize the remaining hours of Sunday morning…A visit to family or friends within 100 kms is viable by the noon hour.
  10. And finally…one of the most moving reasons for many of us at the 9am service is our retreat each Sunday to St. Timothy’s (Tim Horton’s) after our service. It affords us time to bond, share special concerns, laugh, tell stories, support each other, enjoy coffee and timbits, reminisce…even discuss the sermon…sometimes…we always leave St. Timothy’s refreshed.

Thank you on behalf of the 9am service attenders to all who share our mission at Maple Grove.

Come and enjoy our service… Won’t You?

RESTORE HALTON – An opportunity for Maple Grovers to extend the hand of friendship to those in need

Kerr Street Mission

There are a surprising number of individuals and families in crisis in Halton. Their physical and financial needs can be adequately handled by government and community resources. What they need is the care and love of neighbours that can help mentor them through difficult times that could be the result of an illness, a marriage breakdown or loss of a job or business. The point is that some of our neighbours need a friend.

They need you to help them get through this difficult time by providing guidance and encouragement. Your time commitment might only be an hour a week, meeting them for coffee or maybe a period of several hours in one month helping them to find an apartment. Stanley Redwood, of the Kerr Street Mission (which operates Restore Halton) says the biggest problem in Oakville is loneliness. You can alleviate some of the loneliness.

Kerr Street Mission offers a one day training period to volunteers.

Nineteen diverse congregations in Halton with over 70 volunteers are participating in this program. Over 80 people have been helped. The Outreach Committee hope to see Maple Grove become involved in this program. We already have a strong cohort of Maple Grovers working at the mission. However, Stanley says that Restore Halton offers a new and special way to help those in need and has a proven track record.

Please contact Sandra Onufryk (Chair, Outreach Committee) if you can extend the hand of friendship to a lonely neighbour. or 905-844-5886


Grief Support Group


This education and support group is designed for those who are dealing with the death of a loved one.

Taking a faith-based perspective, we will explore various aspects of grief, how grief affects one’s emotions, behaviours, body, mind and spirit. We will look at tasks one can do and adjustments one can make to move through grief, and help find ways to reinvest in one’s life in meaningful ways.

The content of the course will be based on the materials of Dr. Bill Webster, Centre for the Grief Journey.

deborahhartThe Rev. Dr. Deborah Hart
Minister of Deer Park United Church in Toronto, who has been facilitating grief support groups for 25 years.



Sponsored by Maple Grove United Church and other area Anglican, Presbyterian and United Churches.             

Maple Grove United Church,
346 Maple Grove Dr. Oakville, L6J 4V5

5 Wednesdays, Oct. 12 – Nov. 9, 2016 and 1 month follow-up Dec. 7, 2016

Time:          7:00 – 8:45 p.m.

Cost:           $20 per participant for the course materials

Contact:     Maeva Donaldson – 905-845-7454 or for more information or to register

Meet Our Muslim Neighbours

Fatah Islamic Centre Open House Poster


Al Falah Islamic Centre wishes to extend a warm invite to its ‘Open House’ event scheduled for Saturday, September 24th from 12pm to 4pm. Please join us for an afternoon of guided tours, informative displays and engaging conversations over an assortment of ethnic food.
We, at Al Falah, strongly believe that your participation at this event would help further the understanding of community values and concerns. Please visit us for more details.
Sincerely Yours,

Al Falah Outreach Committee


Indigenous Reconciliation

Tsuu_Tsina_paradeYou are invited to be part of an important moment in the United Church’s journey of reconciliation

On March 30 and 31, 2016, The United Church of Canada will participate in events marking our commitment—as a denomination and as part of the ecumenical community—to adopt the principles, norms, and standards of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as the framework for reconciliation. We do this in response to Call to Action #48 of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. And we invite all United Church people to be a part of this important moment in the church’s journey.

How can you participate?

On Wednesday, March 30, Moderator Jordan Cantwell will join with other church leaders in Ottawa to release an ecumenical statement of commitment to this Call to Action. This group includes not just those churches and religious entities that ran the schools, but many more churches and organizations in the Canadian ecumenical community.

Please take the time to read and reflect on the statement, which will be posted on the United Church website after its release on March 30. You can also visit our ecumenical partner KAIROS’s site for footage of the event later in the week.

On Thursday, March 31, the United Church will release its own statement on the UN Declaration. Moderator Jordan Cantwell and representatives from the Aboriginal Ministries Council will deliver the statement at the opening of the Aboriginal Ministries Consultation, taking place in Alliston, ON, March 31–April 3.

The statement will be released beginning at 3:30 p.m. (Eastern), and will be live-streamed on the United Church YouTube channel. Please join us in this moment of witness and commitment that we hope will help guide us toward a transformed relationship.

For more information, please contact:
Sara Stratton
Reconciliation and Indigenous Justice Animator
416-231-7680 or 1-800-268-3781 ext. 2742

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