Maple Grove Turns Sixty!!!

Image celebrating 60th Anniversary

Sunday May 28th 9:30 AM
One service only

Please come and celebrate the
life and work of


Lots of Great Music:
11 piece BIG BAND
Children’s choirs, Bell choir

Lots to celebrate when turning 60!!



Andy King at Messy Church

August 21-25, 2017 

  • An all-day (9 a.m. – 4 p.m.) day camp
  • inviting children of all faiths from Grades 1-8
  • to experience fun learning, crafts, games
  • and day-trips to various houses of worship in Halton Region.
  • Space will be limited for this landmark event.
  • More information coming soon: contact

Andy King: for further details.


Planting a Tree at Maple Grove United Church
Pictured here at the planting are: Dave Carnevale, owner of The Tree Specialists, along with the company staff, Brieanne Reekie, Kevin Coish, Roberto Coraci, Max Young as well as, Rev. Morar Murray Hayes and her grandchildren, Hannah and Madison, Judy Lang, Maple Grove’s intrepid Outdoor Property Team leader and Sandra Kerr, Chair of Maple Grove Council.
Earlier this year, the company that provides MGUC with tree care services and free mulch, The Tree Specialists (  approached Maple Grove United Church with an idea. They wanted to plant a maple tree to commemorate Canada’s 150th Anniversary, and they thought what better place than Maple Grove United Church on Maple Grove Drive!
We graciously accepted their generous offer and on April 28th, to celebrate Arbour Day, a new Autumn Blaze Maple tree was planted in our front lawn.
The folks at The Tree Specialists were delighted to know that in fact this is also the church’s 60th Anniversary – and were particularly pleased that the planting could represent so many good things for us and for the community!

IMNA Survey Results

imna survey image


IMNA Survey Results
Thank you to all our church members who stayed after services last Sunday to listen to the IMNA results presentation. Based on the number of bodies in the pews it’s obvious that this was of great interest to the congregation. Here is a quick summary of the results:

  • We feel connected to our church, with strong ties to both Maple Grove and the United Church in general.
  • We value Belonging slightly ahead of Behaving and both are ahead of Believing.
  • Curiously, we place a high value on diversity, but not on questioning, debate, experimentation or  change.
  • Our ideal church creates a culture of hospitality and belonging. It is inviting, welcoming, compassionate and respects all diversity.
  • We are very traditional in what we consider important for meaningful worship; hymns, preaching, children’s time and anthems being our most important aspects.
  • Our top priority is the increase of children and youth, both in numbers and in their spiritual development, followed by increasing the number of adults.
  • We also require improvements and/or new strategies in the areas of recruiting, training and prevention of burnout for our lay leaders.

If you wish a copy of the entire slide presentation please e-mail Andy King at

Next Steps
The United Church of Canada has a comprehensive plan in place to address the issue of significant decline in membership, attendance and Sunday school registration of the past 10 years. It is their IMNA survey model that we used as our first step. We have also completed a property scan and an “Environics” report (a comprehensive report detailing the makeup of our neighbourhood). Our next step is to participate in a series of Table Talk discussions.

When: These will take place after our 9:30 services between May 21st and June 25th except for
Sunday June 18th due to the annual general meeting. Instead, we will be holding discussions on Wednesday June 14th from 7:30 to 8:00 pm in the Friendship Room.

What: Each week we will be given 2-3 questions by the consultants hired by Halton presbytery. These questions will be generated based on our survey results.

Who: Every member of the congregation is encouraged to take part in one of two ways.

  1. Sign-up to be a recorder of people’s opinions for at least one of the sessions.
  2. Participate in at least one of the discussions.

The time commitment is minimal, just get your tea or coffee after the service, sit down at one of the designated tables and either give your opinion or write down someone else’s. Easy! The results of these sessions will determine the course future steps, to be decided on in the fall.


Maple Grove United Church is proud to sponsor the 4th Trafalgar Scout Troup.

Scouts Canada image

There are different scout groups that cater to the different ages of boys and girls that meet at the church through the week.

  • Monday:  Rangers at 7:00pm – ages 15-17
  • Tuesday:  Algonquin Cub Pack at 7:00 pm – ages 8-10
  • Thursday: Mohawk Cub Pack at 7:00 pm – ages 8-10

*Monthly Monday: Venturers at 7:00 pm – ages 15-17
*meet first Monday of the month.

Meetings for this year usually end between the middle of May and the last week of May depending on the section, with summer trips happening in June, July and August depending on the section level.

Registration for next year is anticipated to start on May 1st.  Early renewal and early registration have been an increasing trend the past two years, for example more than 25 of the current 34 cubs signed up last spring.

Registration is completed online at or

Andy King’s Blog

This week Andy King’s poetry website surpassed 100 000 views! Through Andy’s ministry, so many have been enriched spiritually, and through the many ministers who, like I, have been including Andy’s poetry in our worship services regularly, Andy’s ministry has reached many thousands of worshippers.
Check out his blog at
Such a great gift to Christians globally! Thank you, Andy.
Rev. Morar
Here’s an example:

(John 4: 5-42)

How often have I come here,
Jesus, to this place of
old faith and fresh neediness,
bent down with the burden
of my failures, stumbling
in my thirsting for hopefulness,
the cracked vessel of my heart
leaking grief. . .

how often have I come here
not expecting you in the heat
of my pressures,
not expecting you in the stress
of my confusion,
yet meeting you
who offers water to the helpless,
who quenches the raw thirst
for acceptance,
who gives the deep sustenance
of kindness without payment,
the nourishment of love without limit. . .

how often have you met me,
refilling my heart, leaving me
astonished again in the depths of my being
that you waited here
for me, even me?

Copyright ©2017 by Andrew King

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