Message From Our Pastor


Here is a brief update to let you know that members of our congregational Caring Team have agreed to offer daily reassurance and check-in phone calls to some of our members who live alone and will be experiencing more isolation than usual during the next few weeks.

Also, while it is indeed recommended that all of us practice social distancing and self-isolation to endeavour to slow and reduce the curve of this pandemic, some may choose (as others elsewhere have done who may or may not have any church connection) to offer to be available and of help to neighbours we know who have mobility issues, or just more difficulty carrying on with some of the essentials of life. Some of us might choose to help them with getting groceries, banking, picking up supplies and medications at the drug store, walking dogs, etc. I trust we will exercise our own best judgement in that regard as to whether or not we live somewhat beyond the bounds of self-isolation.

Take Good Care,

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