Midweek Meditation 16

Coping with Covid-19; and, hopefully, not feeling crushed or exceedingly cramped.  This week pretty much marks the four-month mark since the virus showed up in Canada.  By and large, our nation has responded rather well.  All provinces except Ontario and Quebec have managed to exercise a good deal of containment and control.  In Ontario, only Windsor and area and most parts of Metro Toronto are still the hot-spots.  Prayers for citizens and front-line workers in those communities are essential devotional service.  Yet, even though most areas are more open in the Stage Two phase, there is still a need for plenty of caution and oodles of patience.

    “God is my light and saving health; whom shall I fear?” (Psalm 27:1).  Or what?  I hope that the resources of faith:  prayer, perseverance, relying on God for strength, sharing God’s love and care with others, holding fast to hope are the life-buoys that are keeping us afloat as we ride out this viral tidal wave.   What signs of God’s presence and activity during these times have you noticed or experienced?  What have you been learning about life and faith over these past few months of social distancing, extra-careful hygiene, anxious concern, and sporadic outbursts of joy and reassurance?  Feel free to share some of your thoughts and reflections with me and I will be happy to create a collage of them in future midweek musings.

     The Psalms are a good scriptural resource for people of faith in times like these since the authors were often beset by troubles and concerns from inner “demons” and outside sources.  Repeatedly the poets and lyricists who created the Psalms count on God for support and help with unmitigated confidence.  “God is our refuge and our strength, a very present help in trouble” (Psalm 46:1).  Words and testimonies similar to this one appear repeatedly throughout the whole book, featured in 33% – 50% or more them.  If they haven’t already been part of your daily or weekly devotional practice, let me commend them to you.  Prayer and praise from the depths of one’s heart and spirit are ever acceptable in God’s ears and sight, and go a long way to anchoring our own lives in difficult times and situations.  Let us remain receptive to God’s blessing, help, and abiding grace.

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