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Mission and Outreach

By our works, we shall be known. Maple Grove United Church takes part in local and global ministries, as well as making others welcome in our church facility.


  1. Helping a Syrian Refugee Family
  2. MGUC First Nations’ University Student Scholarship Fund, fundraisers:
  3. Food drives: ongoing contributions to foodbanks, supporting:
    1. Kerr Street Mission
    2. Foodshare
    3. Salvation Army
    4. Christmas Wonders Program: November/December supporting Kerr Street Mission

For information about any of these projects, or how to get involved contact Sandra Onufryk, Outreach Chair sonufryk@cogeco.ca or call Bobbi at the church 905-845-5721.

Local Ministry Partners

Kerr Street Ministries

Kerr Street Ministries is an outreach of the Oakville Christian faith community which provides tangible relief to people who suffer from economic, social, and emotional challenges. Through the building of relationships,KSM encourages spiritual growth supported by prayer.

Kerr Street Mission’s current needs:

  • canned stews
  • juice boxes
  • canned meat
  • pasta sauce
  • canned tomatoes
  • peanut butter
  • powdered milk
  • cooking oil
  • rice (brown or white)
  • baby wipes

Wesley Urban Ministries

Wesley Urban Ministries is a United Church Inner City Ministry located close to us in Hamilton, Ontario. It is supported by our Mission And Service dollars through the United Church of Canada (the M & S side of your giving envelope).

Wesley Urban Ministries has a vision of community where justice and compassion guide the way people live and where all members are treated with respect and dignity.

Wesley Urban Ministries use their resources to decrease barriers by developing and delivering programs that address the needs of people who are marginalized and increase opportunities by providing services that help individuals to achieve their full potential. They run more than 12 such programs. In addition their goal is to be a model and catalyst for social transformation.

Find out more about WUM programming.

Our International Ministry Partners

Sharing in a Harvest of Hope

Maple Grove United Church is proud to be a partner with Clifford Pastoral Charge in supporting the Canada Foodgrains Bank.

What is this all about?

Established in 1983, the Canadian Foodgrains Bank is a Canadian-based Christian organization that helps provide food and development assistance to people in need on behalf of 13 Canadian member churches. While the goal is to help alleviate hunger and provide assistance to farmers in the developing world, the United Church also creates parnterships between city churches and rural churches so that we can learn from and support each other as we work in community to support the Foodgrains Bank.

Does CFGB just send seeds, or do they accept cash donations?

Cash is accepted! Cash donations are up from last year and, despite the absence of any “well publicized” disasters such as Hurricane Mitch, continue to show growth. Church congregations and individuals are the primary source for most donations.

How Does Canadian Foodgrains Bank Work?

Farmers can make donations of grain, corn, oilseeds, pulse crops and other agricultural commodities at most grain elevators in Canada. Livestock producers are also active.

Many people make donations in cash, which is then used to buy additional food and to help pay shipping, bagging and transportation costs.

At Maple Grove, we provide seed money for farmers in Clifford to grow crops. In turn, they provide us with agricultural products to sell so that we can send them cash. We have sold pumpkins, corn, and now we sell oatmeal and wild bird seed. Selling the product brings in a small return – we really need to have members “donate” monies in return for the product so that more cash can enhance our Maple Grove/ Clifford donation to the Foodgrains Bank.

A recent area of growth has been community growing projects where a group of farmers, non-farmers and agri-businesses get together to farm a common plot of land and donate the crop to the Foodgrains Bank. Last year, such projects contributed over 15,000 tonnes of grain.

From http://foodgrainsbank.ca/about-us/ 
In 2015-16, we helped over one million people in 40 countries. Foodgrains Bank programs are implemented by our member agencies in the developing world. Read our most recent annual report or our most recent audited financial statements.

The Canadian International Development Agency matches our shipments on a 4:1 basis up to a maximum of $16 million a year. This greatly enhances the amount of food and assistance we can provide.

Where Does the Grain Go?

Food collected by the Foodgrains Bank is distributed based on need, regardless of religious or political affiliation. In 2004/2005, food assistance was provided to people in 18 countries in response to poverty, natural disaster and conflict.

The food is used in one of three ways:

  • To provide immediate nutrition for people in emergency situations i.e. severe drought;
  • To feed people as they rebuild and replant until a new crop is harvested i.e. after flooding;
  • To provide food as wages in food-for-work programs where people and their communities work on longer-term projects such as irrigation and improving farmland so that, in the future, people will be able to feed themselves.

How can I help?

When you purchase the oatmeal and the bird seed at Maple Grove every third Sunday of the month, we need you to ‘donate’ a little extra to the cost — you will be providing food and support for many more. The work of preparing the product for us: planting, growing and harvesting the crop, packaging the crop and getting it to us is all done by volunteers. What you pay only recovers a fraction of that cost. . . what you donate helps to really provide support for those in need.

Learn more about the Canada Foodgrains Bank

Please continue to buy the bags of oatmeal. . . and we’ll even give you extra recipes to help you get that good fibre, and support such a worthwhile cause in an easy and inexpensive way!

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