Offerings and Mission During the Pandemic Crisis

During this time of disruption in our lives, the ministry and mission of Maple Grove United is creating ways and means of still carrying on being supportive and encouraging. Worship services are being offered online; reassurance and check-in phone calls to some of our more isolated members are being offered.  A crisis counselling team is in place. Our mission commitments are being honoured. Faith and love are in action to support and sustain lives.

Your ongoing financial support during this time is appreciated.  There are at least three ways in which you can offer that very important support to the church’s work and support to our community even though we won’t be physically present at Sunday services while the church is closed temporarily:

1.     Enrolling in PAR (pre-authorized remittance for automatic payment);

2.     Forwarding your offerings by cheque to the church office.  Even though we are closed, we are still opening the mail.

3.     Electronically sending your offering by accessing the Maple Grove Donate button, bottom right of the page on the church’s website.

MGUC has continued its work and spiritual community through many years and changing times.  During the present crisis it is important that all of us stand by the church’s work with our offerings.

Thank you,
Cameron Serles, Chair of Stewardship
Gordon Penley, Treasurer

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