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During the time of COVID-19, while we can’t meet in the Maple Grove United Church sanctuary, or when we do meet, we can’t sing, we create Virtual Worship Services, and, of course, record our church music. Dr. Deborah Henry, Music Director & Ian Sadler, organist & accompanist create our music with the Chancel Choir. The bell choir also share their music in pre-recorded videos.

Here’s an example:

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We love making our music; we hope you enjoy listening to it. Here’s an excerpt on how we make our recordings:
Step 7. When we think we are ready, and by the required date, each of us records our own part, singing alone at home. This requires two devices: one on which we can listen to the accompaniment through earphones while watching Deborah conduct on-screen; one on which we record our first ‘take’. Mistakes are usually made on the second-last line, necessitating a second, or third, or even more ‘takes’. When we are satisfied that we have given it our best shot, we each send our recording to Eran and Deborah. 
Step 8. Eran and Deborah take all the separate recordings and do some magic. Sometimes I suspect they throw it all into a washing machine and it somehow comes out as music in four-or five-part harmony, more-or-less synchronized to the accompaniment. Seriously, I know this step is a time-consuming one, often requiring several attempts before the blend and timing meet their standard. Not all choir members are comfortable with the technology, or have the time required for this process, so there are usually 5-7 people singing the hymns, and 10-12 singing the anthems.  by Cathy Dodge Smith

For a fuller explanation – https://maplegroveunitedchurch.org/the-magic-of-mguc-pandemic-music/

To see and especially hear the hymns, with lyrics, and the anthems, search for the “Singalong” posts.

To see an amazing performance of playing the handbells, scroll down the page. Gaye Gemmell says of her stunning performance: ” I enjoyed the challenge of trying to play a solo piece. It gave me something to work on that took my mind off the pandemic.”

Title, Composer, Artists

“When I Survey the Wondrous Cross”
by W. A. Mozart, adapted by A. F. Halpin,
sung by the Chancel Choir, Peter Drake bass solo

Maple Grove United Church’s Music

When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

“He Shall Feed His Flock”
by Ness Beck
sung by the Chancel Choir

He Shall Feed His Flock

“Love Grows Here”
by Don Besig
sung by the Chancel Choir

Love Grows Here

“Change My Heart, O God”
Eddie Espinosa, arr. Henry
Pat McKee on guitar,
Mike Ware on accordion,
Eran Rozen on piano

Change My Heart, O God

Gaye Gemmell on Handbells

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