Pentecost & Anniversary – May 31

Do you miss chatting with Rev. Harry about his sermon, Deborah and Eran about the music, or just commenting on the day? Perhaps you want to say something to the Virtual Worship Service Group, Rev. Harry Disher, Deborah Henry, Eran Rozen, Joan Vinall-Cox, Dave Freeman, Bruce Tanaka, and Al Wheable.

Look below the video, there’s a Comment section where you can add your two cents worth. The Comments are monitored to make sure nothing unsuitable gets displayed, so check back later to see what you or others have added.

7 thoughts on “Pentecost & Anniversary – May 31

  1. I have been experiencing increasing difficulties logging into virtual service since month of May. It was fine in March & April. Today, 31May, I am locked out and unable to log-in. Not sure what is the cause since I have tried various ways to log in, from my end. Sure hope this is unique problem for me, so other members will not be denied the opportunity to hear Rev Harry’s sermon and Sunday worship. Thank you.

  2. Unable to open the virtual service for May 31.

  3. For technical reasons, the link isn’t live. Please copy it and paste it into te address area and try that.

  4. Rev Harry and team, thank you for the virtual service. Finally logged in, heard the uplifting message, yet did not take our blessings for granted that we can worship on Sabbath day in the comfort of our homes. At the same time, did not forget the many who are less fortunate, are uprooted in their quest for social equality and justice. Peace be with all of us.

  5. Team members for the Sunday service at Maple Grove United Church , Oakville, Ontario ,
    We want to thank you for the excellent job being done by your team. It is an inspiration to us each Sunday morning. Our isolation is sincerely made better by your hard work. Thank you Harry For your hard work on the many interesting and informative sermons. Thank you Debra and Eran for your musical support. To Joan, David and Bruce you are really excelling.
    In these trying times your efforts on our behalf are really meaningful. Thank you for your efforts and example. Looking forward to next Sunday service, Barbara Walley and Gary Douglas

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