Rev. Harry’s Midweek Meditation


As a conscious concern and care for public health arises daily, if not hourly, so does personal anxiety.  Our minds become distracted; our hearts, unsettled.  Spiritual practice in a time of crisis has abiding worth.  I received a copy of a practice inspired by Richard Rohr, OFM, for times of feeling dispirited and disconnected.  It offers a way of using a cue that tends to alienate or isolate us and re-deploy it as a way to connect.

  1.  Whenever you feel rejected, dejected, vulnerable, unloved, or just plain ratty: 
    note the disconnection or the dissociation.  Accept it and immediately take a short break.
    5 minutes will do.
  2. Find some space for outward stillness, a place where you can expand your heart. 
    (It can be outside without having to be private or absolutely quiet).
  3. Gently move your hand over your heart something like a wiper blade clearing a windshield
    of raindrops.  Do this 10 times.
  4. Take a deep cleansing breath in, then exhale.  Again lay your hand gently on your heart,
    and say, “I choose connection with … (God, the Universe, my grandma who always accepted me when I was a kid, all sentient beings …).”  You fill in the blank.
  5. Breathe and listen, observe what is around you, noting and accepting what you see.  If you are tempted to approve or disapprove, no worries.  Just let that inclination go and return to your breath and what you are witnessing now.
  6. Go find the nearest mirror.  Smile. Wink. Blow yourself a kiss.  Imagine that whatever or whoever you connected to is watching you and loving you no matter what.
  7. Standing or sitting before the mirror, hold your hands out and feel the heaviness that you have been feeling right there in your hands – like a bag of sand.  Then open your and let the heaviness fall away like sand flowing out from the bag.
  8. Bring your hands together again.  See that they are empty and ready to receive.
  9. Thank yourself for who you are.  (And smile again).

Blessings be upon you, my prayers are with you during this time,


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