Andy King

Remembering Andy King

A Message from Maple Grove Council

Andy King was all about people, poetry and passion: 

  • his larger-than-life greetings to all who came into the church,
  • his wonderful way with words and
  • his enthusiastic singing voice
    • all will be sadly missed by so many of us at Maple Grove. 
  • Our Church Council would like to receive suggestions on how we might honour the memory of Andy’s dedication and lasting contributions to the life and mission of the Maple Grove congregation and the Oakville community. 

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Tribute to Andy from Rev. Sam Parkes

Andy’s Poetic Blog

Many of us who are alumni and members of Maple Grove United Church in Oakville, Ontario are heartbroken at the news of the death of Andy King, a beautiful soul. These last years, Andy has served as a Christian Education Leader at MGUC. I remember Andy’s broad slash of a smile and sense of humour. He was part sideshow barker, part eternal child, and part spiritual nurse, in all things carefully kind and generous.

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One Person’s Thanksgiving

Poem For the Sunday Lectionary (Pentecost +18, Yr C)

(Luke 17: 11-19)

I have never been blighted by leprosy,
nor lived in a place called Samaria.
I have not known the rejection, the hate
that some people have known
because of the colour of their skin
or because of the way they pray
or the gender of the person that they love.
And for that I am thankful,

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Lenten Bible Study

How do we move through our Good Fridays of difficulty, of challenge, of suffering?

Beginning Wednesday evening, March 6, a five-part series on the Seven Last Words of Christ from the cross:

Were the words Jesus spoke from the cross just random utterances, of little meaning for others? Or were they messages of encouragement, even inspiration, for dark and difficult times?

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