Midweek Meditation 8

Perhaps you remember the old Peter and Gordon tune:

“Please lock me away, and don’t allow the day
here inside where I hide with my loneliness.
I don’t care what they say I won’t stay in a world without love.”

Well, Covid-19 has taken its shot at doing that; but not fully successfully. 
Most of us can tell stories of how caring still happens during lockdown days. 

Some of us have discovered how that happens in new ways,

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Midweek Meditation, April 1

Self-Care and Stress Relief – Rev. Harry Disher

cleaning lady phoned last week.  She told
us that she has chosen to self-isolate and keep social distance, so she would
not be coming around.  She then gave us
instructions on what to do.

This is
just one sample of hundreds, perhaps thousands of light-hearted email messages
that can help us find relief, even some sanity, during these bizarre and
troubling times. The stressors are real and so self-care and stress management
are important as we practice self-isolation and social distancing. 

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Grief and Stress Support Team

I am grateful three people from our Maple Grove United Church family have agreed to share with me in offering support and a listening ear to anyone in our community of faith who is experiencing some difficulty with recent grief and loss, or the stressors of self-isolation and social distancing during this health-endangering pandemic. If you feel a need for counsel and conversation here are our names and contact information.:
– Rev. Harry Disher (519) 860-9198;
– Ilana Green

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Message From Our Pastor


Here is a brief update to let you know that members of
our congregational Caring Team have agreed to offer daily reassurance
and check-in phone calls to some of our members who live alone and will be experiencing
more isolation than usual
during the next few weeks.

Also, while it is indeed recommended that all of us practice social distancing and self-isolation to endeavour to slow and reduce the curve of this pandemic,

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Offerings and Mission During the Pandemic Crisis

During this time of disruption in our lives, the ministry and mission of Maple Grove United is creating ways and means of still carrying on being supportive and encouraging. Worship services are being offered online; reassurance and check-in phone calls to some of our more isolated members are being offered.  A crisis counselling team is in place. Our mission commitments are being honoured. Faith and love are in action to support and sustain lives.

Your ongoing financial support during this time is appreciated. 

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