Rev. Harry Disher

Midweek Meditation 16

Coping with Covid-19; and, hopefully, not feeling crushed or exceedingly cramped.  This week pretty much marks the four-month mark since the virus showed up in Canada.  By and large, our nation has responded rather well.  All provinces except Ontario and Quebec have managed to exercise a good deal of containment and control.  In Ontario, only Windsor and area and most parts of Metro Toronto are still the hot-spots.  Prayers for citizens and front-line workers in those communities are essential devotional service.  Yet, even though most areas are more open in the Stage Two phase,

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Midweek Meditation 15

Some of my colleagues have been bemoaning the fact that “news” from our United Church General Council office has been all about protocols and pragmatics during this time of pandemic lockdown (and now limited re-openings). What they are not hearing and missing is some theology for such times and circumstances.

The Anglican bishops of Canada did issue a pastoral epistle focused on the blessing of sabbath time which this current situation affords us. The Presbyterian church leadership, I believe, focused on how we sustain caring community,

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Midweek Meditation 12

There it was, right in the middle of last Sunday’s sermon. It didn’t catch me until sometime on Sunday afternoon, even though the sermon was recorded on Friday. Just before I launched into an appeal to us all to reflect on how we ourselves are caught up in systemic racism and lingering personal prejudices that fracture our sense of human oneness, I used the lyrics from a Bob Marley song to illustrate those moments of “hearts beating as one” at a musical concert. 

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Worship – May 24

Do you miss chatting with Rev. Harry about his sermon, Deborah and Eran about the music, or just commenting on the day? Perhaps you want to say something to the Virtual Worship Service Group, Rev. Harry Disher, Deborah Henry, Eran Rozen, Joan Vinall-Cox, Dave Freeman, Bruce Tanaka, and Al Wheable.

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