The United Church Marked Mental Health Sunday

The United Church marked Mental Health Sunday on May 2nd for the first time. During the first week of May there where live sessions with chaplains and ministers on the church’s Facebook Page. Check out the blog post “Breaking the Silence about Mental Health” by Amy Crawford, Identity and Mission Team. More details are available on Sharepoint. Let’s look after ours and others mental health! Resources are available from Morneau Shepell, Canada Life, Canadian Mental Health and more.  

Amy has set up the network’s Facebook page. Please LIKE the page and, if possible, introduce the page to others in your network who would be interested in the work of this network. Here is the link and we encourage all to utilize it for the purpose it’s been set up. 

Another link is the Mental Health Awareness Week Seminar page in The United Church’s website. The link is below. 

There is a 7-blog series dedicated for Mental Health Week. Please visit our Round The Table page to read the blogs.

Amy’s blog, Breaking the Silence about Mental Health  explains how the Mental Health Sunday in the United Church came about. You can read it via the link below.
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