Update From MGUC Music Director Search Committee

The Search Committee and M&P are pleased to announce that we have hired a new Music Director. Deborah Henry will assume the position in mid August.

Deborah comes to us with several degrees in Music, experience in leading church choirs in Oakville, and as a founder and leader of a community choir in Milton as well as teaching piano and university courses in music.  She is enthusiastic and energetic about sharing her passion for music with youth and adult choristers.

We welcome Deborah to our music ministry at Maple Grove. 

The Search Committee has been busy behind the scenes vetting resumes from potential candidates for the position of Music Director with MGUC.
Formal interviews are presently taking place with the initial short list of candidates. Once this process has been completed there will be in-person auditions with the Committee and the Chancel Choir.
If there are any questions about how things are progressing, please do not hesitate to connect with any of the following members of the Committee.
John Buchanan
Cathy Dodge-Smith (Secretary)
Barb Duffin
Carol Gilchrist
Jim Lilly
Katie McGee

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