Virtual Service, November 22

In the “comment” space below the video of the church service for November 22, you can say hello to Rev. Kerry, speak to the musicians and/or readers, thank the technicians or simply greet everybody. Sometimes it takes a little while before the comment is “live” and appears; please be patient.

20 thoughts on “Virtual Service, November 22”

  1. Kerry, thank you for the prayers that unite us. I found it to be a thoughtful meditation on the Matthew 25 reading.

    1. Bruce,
      You are very welcome and I am pleased to hear that the Spirit moved through the message and the prayers and into your being.

      Peace be with you.
      Rev. Kerry

    1. Hello Doris and Morgan. Wonderful to hear from you and thanks for connecting. I hope you are keeping well and staying safe.

      Blessings and Peace,
      Rev. Kerry

  2. Thank you for such a timely reminder to us all, to help, to hold, to comfort and to give to one another, with gods continued words to reflect our purpose.

    1. Hello Trudy,
      You are very welcome for the reminder. As beloved children of God we are called to Love Our Neighbours as ourselves and we can do that during these COVID days by reaching out to family and friends while staying safe.

      Peace and Blessings,
      Rev. Kerry

  3. Thank you for the meditation and prayer, the readings and music, and for being able to sing out with the choir as accompaniment.

    1. Hello Joan,
      You are welcome and I am glad the the spirit moved and was with you throughout the various parts of the service. It is a joy to be able to sing out with the Maple Grove choir.

      Stay safe and keep well.
      Rev. Kerry

  4. Thanks to all who made this and other services possible for us. Regards to all and stay healthy and safe. Craig and Heather

    1. Craig and Heather,
      On behalf of the team that is involved in the many facets of the pre-recorded services, let me say – you are very welcome. It is wonderful to have received your response as we feel very humbled to bring joy and peace to our troubled world.

      Keep well and stay safe,
      Rev. Kerry

  5. Rev Kerry, the tech, music and bell teams, thank you for a meaningful Sunday worship. Rev Kerry’s message is timely, particularly during these days where polarity is fashionable, that ‘meeting’ is an integral part of and will be enriched by the profundity of ‘knowing and loving’.

    1. Hello Pau Chern,
      On behalf of the tech team and all those that make the pre-recorded worship services possible, we are humbled with your expression of appreciation.
      The meeting, knowing and loving is where Jesus wants us to answer the call to discipleship and loving our neighbour, no matter who they are, as ourselves.

      Be safe and keep well.
      Rev. Kerry

    1. Hi Brenda,
      On behalf of the entire talented production team, I express our gratitude for your comments.

      We are always humbled as to how the music, message and tech connect us with the Spirit in our call to discipleship.

      Take care, stay safe and may peace abide.
      Rev. Kerry

  6. Thank you for an interesting sermon, Rev. Kerry. I always like to learn something new and never realized that anyone would take the parable about the sheep and goats as a biblical reason for separation.

    1. Hello Sandra,
      Thanks for your comment and I am humbled by your comment. This is just one interpretation of the passage from the gospel of Mark, however it was one that I felt resonated in our context and in our society. I appreciate the feedback and look forward to hearing from you on future messages.

      Stay safe, keep well and may peace be with you.
      Rev. Kerry

  7. I’m so glad I listened all the way to the end. “Go Now in Peace” is one of my favourite hymns. I miss singing with the whole congregation but this virtual version was the next best thing! Thank you to everyone who contributes to these sessions.

    1. Hello Lee.
      Thank you for the compliment and the chancel choir under the direction of Dr. Deborah Henry and Eran Rozen, accompanist have created a wonderful way to end our worship services. We are blessed to have their music ministry at Maple Grove.

      Please stay safe and keep well.
      Rev. Kerry

  8. Christopher F. Parker

    ” Each person is unique, precious a child of God. Respect the earth and all life upon it. Your neighbour on your street is your mission, your school, your work to serve those in shelters and prisons” Show love and kindness to everyone. Be well Kerry and great words today.
    With Gratitude,

    1. Hello Christopher (and Val),
      Thank you for your humbling compliment and letting us know here at Maple Grove that the service of praise and thanks was uplifting for you.

      May peace abide with you and yours. Stay safe and keep well.
      Rev. Kerry

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