Weddings at Maple Grove United Church

Maple Grove Weddings

We offer unique wedding services at Maple Grove United Church and elsewhere.  There are no “cookie cutter” weddings at Maple Grove. You create the service with the minister, who welcomes your input.

We have an open policy for weddings, welcoming everyone and responding to your situation, regardless of family situation, faith or gender.

Please feel free to come to a Sunday service or make an appointment with the church office for a tour at a mutually convenient time. (Church service schedule can be found here).

The staff at Maple Grove United Church wants to help you as much as you wish with your plans. Our Church Administrator can be reached on weekdays until 4pm to book a wedding date. We provide a wedding coordinator for each on-site wedding; she will be in touch with you once you have confirmed the date.

Our office number is (905) 845-5721 for questions or concerns

Our fax number is (905)842-4159

Please feel free to write with any inquiries you may have. Emails will be answered as soon as possible.

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The Setting
Our church is set back from the road through a grove of maple trees. There is a large parking lot behind the church.  Maple Grove United Church is located in southeast Oakville, handy to Gairloch Gardens, the Erchliss Estate, or the Oakville Greenhouses for pictures. We provide a groom’s room and a large bride’s room. We have reception facilities for small or large weddings.

The Church
The church has a mid 20th century look—clean simple lines.  A contemporary stained glass window of the tree of life graces the front of the church and the side walls are all contemporary stained glass, among the finest in Canada. One feels like one is inside a jewel box as the light streams through the European hand rolled stained glass. We also have a newly renovated lobby, a dramatic entrance into the sanctuary from the back of the church, an elevator and air conditioning. There are separate rooms for the groom and for the bride and bridal party. to gather before the wedding.

Our grounds include a unique setting for pictures of all the wedding guests and couples, as the photographer can take pictures from a roof. Pictures can be taken after the service in the church in inclement weather.

Maple Grove United Church’s Address
346 Maple Grove Dr.
Oakville, Ontario
L6J 4J9

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The staff at Maple Grove United Church want to help you as much as you wish  with your plans. Our Church Administrator can be reached on weekdays until 4pm to book a wedding date. We provide a wedding coordinator for each on-site wedding who will be in touch with you once you have confirmed the date.

  • Our office number is (905) 845-5721 for questions or concerns
  • Our fax number is (905)842-4159
  • Please feel free to write with any inquiries you may have. Emails will be answered as soon as possible.

The ceremony itself can run anywhere from 20-40 minutes, depending on how much music you’d like, how many readings you’d like to have, etc.

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Wedding Decor

Maple Grove has some wedding decor options that you may want to use, or incorporate into your own decor theme.

  • During special times of the year (Christmas, Easter, e.g.) consult early if you have special choices that will involve removing the church’s decorations.

Some of what we have available are:

There are flower stands available. Flowers may be delivered to the church 90 minutes before the service or earlier in consultation with the Coordinator or the Church Administrator.

If you are able to leave some flowers in the church following the wedding, they will be appreciated by the congregation at worship on Sunday. The congregation will be praying for you both as you begin your married life at that service.

Pew Bows:
The church will provide pew bows for every other pew. Please discuss with the Wedding Coordinator which of our pew bows you’d like to use and if you would like to add any greenery or flowers to them.

Three candles are placed on the table which may be used as family candles. The candles may be lit at the beginning of the service and a unity candle at the end. Often the couple chooses their mothers to light the family candles, but it’s your choice.

Two candelabra are available for your use.

Remembering the Absent:
Flowers may be placed on the table in memory or honour of those unable to attend the wedding (e.g. roses to remember grandparents). It is also possible for the couple to light a candle in memory of loved ones at the beginning of the service.

Bubbles and Balloons:
While we discourage the throwing of confetti or rice, bubbles may be used. Balloons can be used in the wedding decor. Now that it is possible to have lit balloons running the length of the front walk; these look beautiful in white for evening weddings.

If you wish to add any additional decor pieces or items to your ceremony feel free to do so, just let the wedding coordinator know beforehand.

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Off-Site Weddings

The minister will provide service for off- site in a variety of settings.

Some Elements to Consider when Planning an Off-site Wedding:

  • We cannot control the space off site in the same way we can in the church, (we have had everything from dogs, wasps, lawn mowers, air conditioning units and tornados make themselves present in our outdoor services!) but you can minimize the distractions by asking questions like, “Where is the air conditioner? How close is the kitchen? What noise can we expect to have to deal with? What is the public address system like?”
  • Often couples are attracted to outdoor locations. In our experience, often the weather doesn’t cooperate. Make sure that you have an interior back up plan that you are just as pleased with. Your guests may drive from a distance to watch you get married in a rather ordinary banquet hall as a result of wind or precipitation.
  • You may want to have our wedding planner accompany the minister if you want things to run more smoothly.

Off -Site Music
For outdoor locations where there is no keyboard access we have contact with instrumentalists who play the flute, violin, and/or guitar. A combination of piano, violin, trumpet and/or flute can be provided for inside or outside, on or off-site. All our instrumentalists and our vocal soloists receive rave reviews

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You must have a marriage licence in order to get married!
You can pick up a marriage licence from any Town or City Hall in Ontario. It is valid for 90 days from the date of issue.
Do not fill out the information on the licence.

Click here if you’d like more information in general and on where and how to get a marriage license in Ontario.
Make sure that you deliver your Marriage License to the church at least two weeks before the wedding.


“A song will outlive all sermons in the memory..” – Henry Giles

At Maple Grove, we are blessed with many talented individuals who are available for weddings. We welcome couples’ input on personal selections they would like. Contemporary and Secular music is welcomed as long as the sheet music is available.

Some folk like to include a hymn for the congregation to sing. This is appropriate if a significant number of the guests will know the selection. Otherwise, the hymn can be sung as a solo/duet/quartet or performed as an instrumental piece.

For on site weddings, Eran Rozen our organist will meet with you to choose music. He can play requests on the organ or piano; he will also accompany soloists. He can make suggestions to create a certain mood. We have vocal and instrumental soloists of professional quality. (Instruments include flute, violin, and classical guitar among others.)

For a donation of $5000 to our Renovation Fund, you can have any combination of four vocal choirs, a hand bell choir, several soloists and a variety of instruments. With adequate notice, we also have the capacity to provide an original composition specifically for your wedding. This would entail a significant cost – dependent on the length of the piece.

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Order of Service

You create the service with the minister, who welcomes your input. Here is an example of the order of a typical wedding:

Lighting of Family Candles
Welcome and Statement of Purpose
Opening Prayer
Scripture and Poetry Readings 

Reflection on Love, Marriage and Family Life
Address to the Couple
Statement of Intent
Afirmation of Support from Family and Friends
Exchange of Vows
Exchange of Rings
The Kiss
Lighting of the wedding candle
Signing of the Register & Documents
Presentation of Married Couple

Into this basic order we incorporate your own chosen readings and music. There are many choices that you can make to ensure your wedding is unique.

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Photography and Video

The photographer is welcome to take pictures during the processional, signing of the register and recessional.

During the service, the photographer can take non-flash pictures from behind guests.

Video-taping is permitted as long as the person filming the video consults the minister about location during the service.

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Pre-Marriage Counseling

Did you know that those who do marriage preparation have a better chance of staying married and of defining their relationship as happy? Rev. Morar uses the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Inventory) as a basis to help you to look at similarities and differences between you and to suggest ways you can learn to appreciate one another and grow strong in your marriage. One session is devoted to this or it will be offered periodically as a workshop with other couples. Rev. Morar will also be available to you during your marriage for consultation. (The MBTI is also helpful in team building, career counseling and management training, so there will be added benefits.)

Rev. Dr. Morar has a degree in psychology and many years experience counseling couples about to be married — as well as couples and families at all stages of their lives. She is qualified to use the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory to help couples to discern similarities and differences in the ways they function in their relationship. She is also a Master in Neurolinguistic Programming, a technique useful in the changing of unhelpful habits.

To schedule a meeting with Rev. Morar, simply contact the Church Administrator who will gladly book the appointment for you.
(905) 845-5721 or

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Ecumenical and Interfaith Weddings

We specialize in weddings that bring two traditions together. whether you come from different denominations of the same religion or different faiths, we are up for the challenge!

Our preparation will involve bringing together the traditions important to you so that the service is special to you both and meets the needs of your families.

Rev. Dr. Morar has a Masters degree in Religious Studies and has taught in ecumenical and multi-faith contexts. She is a founder and the Executive Secretary of the Interfaith Council of Halton. She has extensive experience and knowledge in creating services that intertwine traditions. She has led weddings that have included traditions from Anglican to Zoroastrian so no challenge is too great. It is also possible to involve worship leaders of other denominations and faiths. Rev. Morar will help you to find a worship leader for your tradition, if that is possible.

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Same Gender Couples

Maple Grove welcomes same gender couples. Rev. Morar provides marriage preparation sensitive to your needs.

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The Cost of a Wedding Ceremony At Maple Grove

  • $1050

Fees include:

  • the use of the church,
  • the minister,
  • the organist,
  • the administrator and sexton,
  • the set up of the church,
  • the pew bows,
  • a marriage preparation workbook,
  • a personality type indicator, and
  • the rehearsal.

For off-site weddings

Expect to pay between about the same as on-site weddings, although that depends on

  • the distance,
  • whether there is a rehearsal,
  • how much time is required, etc.
  • need for our wedding planner and
  • number of musicians.

Members of the church music team can be hired for your ceremony for a separate fee. Violinist, flautist, guitar, piano, and vocalists are all seasoned professionals. Fees should be received at least two weeks prior to the wedding. Payment may be made by cash, cheque or VISA. Cheques should be to Maple Grove United Church.

God bless you in your planning and your anticipation of a wonderful day!

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