Worship – May 24

Do you miss chatting with Rev. Harry about his sermon, Deborah and Eran about the music, or just commenting on the day? Perhaps you want to say something to the Virtual Worship Service Group, Rev. Harry Disher, Deborah Henry, Eran Rozen, Joan Vinall-Cox, Dave Freeman, Bruce Tanaka, and Al Wheable.

Look below, there’s a Comment section where you can add your two cents worth. The Comments are monitored to make sure nothing unsuitable gets displayed, so check back later to see what you or others have added.

3 thoughts on “Worship – May 24

  1. Connecting activities and connecting with God are crucial needs. We will find it difficult in the United Church but I think we are up to the challenge. Thank you for taking up the challenge in this online service. Thanks for the Affirmation of Faith; It keeps us connected.

  2. Thank you for working so hard to keep us connected. The words, music and visuals are appreciated.

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