Worship – October 11

With Rev. Kerry Stover

In the “comment” space below the video of the church service for October 11, you can say hello to Rev. Kerry, speak to the musicians and/or readers, thank the technicians or simply greet everybody. Sometimes it takes a little while before the comment is “live” and appears; please be patient.

16 thoughts on “Worship – October 11”

    1. Hello Bruce,
      Thank you for your comment to all that have helped with the Thanksgiving service. It is a great team that embodies the love of Jesus Christ.

      Peace and Blessings,
      Rev. Kerry

  1. Well done on today’s service to All and a special thanks to Eran for another beautiful collection of piano music, especially the Mozart at the end! Keep it coming!

    1. Hello Cameron,
      Thanks for posting your comments regarding the Thanksgiving Sunday worship service. Maple Grove United is blessed to have all the musical gifts to enable us to find God’s presence in our lives.

      Rev. Kerry

  2. Thanks Rev. Kerry, and everyone involved in making the worship service. And greetings to all the people I used to be able to say “Hi” to face-to-face before and after the service. I miss seeing and chatting with you. Hope you are and stay well.

    1. Hi Joan,
      Thank you for posting your gratitude for the Maple Grove United Thanksgiving service.

      We are grateful for your gifts that you share at MGUC with the website and moderating the comments.

      Collaboration by many as we share the Good News of the Gospels with those we miss and the greater community.

      Peace and Blessings,
      Rev. Kerry

  3. Many thanks to Rev. Kerry Stover and the very dedicated production team, readers and musicians for their wonderful gift to all of us of virtual worship throughout these last few months! I am so grateful for their very important contribution to our life of faith. I am also very thankful for the dedication and flexibility of our amazing team of staff, lay leaders and volunteers who have continued working – in new and different ways – to keep the ministries of our Maple Grove United Church community of faith both active and safe, helping us cope with and navigate the new reality we are living in for a while. Special mention to our Caring Team and others who are keeping in touch by phone with us, especially those who are on their own. We have so much to be grateful for. For friends and family, food and daily bread, and for faithful companions of Jesus Christ, I offer thanks and praise! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    1. Hello Ross,
      I am going to say your welcome on behalf of all those that are participating in putting together the Maple Grove United Thanksgiving Worship Service. It is a wonderful team to be in ministry with and share the good news of the Gospels with our community of faith and the greater community that we are called to serve.
      Thanks as well for sharing what you are grateful for.

      Blessings and Peace,
      Rev. Kerry

  4. A beautiful service, thank you Rev. Kerry. You coloured my life today just like the fall colours do. The music was very special,
    Eran, Mozart would love you. What a gift you have! Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you all who did the service for us.
    Shelagh Leitch

    1. Hello Shelagh,
      Your are very welcome and on behalf of the worship service production team it is wonderful to hear that we coloured your day. We are humbled to be able to share the good news of the gospels through word, prayer and music.

      Peace and Blessings,
      Rev. Kerry

  5. Thanks to Rev Kerry for insightful Thanksgiving Sunday service, and the readers, tech and music teams that complemented the service. Special thanks to the Altar decorators that gave this service its special ambiance and to Eran for his artistry on the ivory keys that kept our spirits focused throughout the service. Thank you, we are blessed.

    1. Hello Pau Chern,
      On behalf of all those involved with the service and the gifts that everyone brings to this experience we say thank you for your comment. The team is humbled and honoured to share our excitement as followers of Jesus Christ.

      Blessings and Peace,
      Rev. Kerry

  6. Thank you Rev Kerry for a wonderful thanksgiving message. Thanks also to everyone who helped put the service together so we could share. I really enjoyed all the music including the hymn selections.

    1. Hi Brenda,
      Thank you for your post on behalf of the Maple Grove United Worship service production team. Through the many gifts of the talented folks behind the scenes we are humbled to share the good news of Jesus Christ through this media.

      Peace and Blessings,
      Rev. Kerry

  7. Lovely service. It is a blessing to be able to share virtually the music, worship, and faces of so many. Choir anthem was great.

    1. Hello Carol,
      On behalf of the Maple Grove United Worship Service production team – you are very welcome. The gifts of the many that freely give of their time to express their joy as a disciple of Jesus Christ is a blessing to all that experience a Maple Grove worship service.

      Blessings and may Peace abide with you and yours.
      Rev. Kerry

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