Worship – October 18

In the “comment” space below the video of the church service for October 18, you can say hello to Rev. Kerry, speak to the musicians and/or readers, thank the technicians or simply greet everybody. Sometimes it takes a little while before the comment is “live” and appears; please be patient.

4 thoughts on “Worship – October 18”

  1. Thanks to the musicians offerings today. I particularly enjoyed the postlude and the bells. The sermon achieved the goal of us getting to know Kerry through his personal story. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your comment regarding the October 18th service. Maple Grove is blessed with the many gifts of music. Music lifts the soul and enables each of us to experience the love and mystery of God in our own unique way.

      Blessings on your week.
      Rev. Kerry

    1. David and Ivi,
      Thank you for your comment and Maple Grove United prays for health and happiness for all. We live in a very unique time and we are blessed to be able to worship through the pre-recorded worship services and experience God within our own places.

      Stay safe, keep well and may peace abide with you and yours.
      Rev. Kerry

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