Annual Maple Grove United Church Fertilizer Sale!


Pre-order, Pre-paid, Curbside PICK UP Only!
Saturday, April 09, 2022

We are excited to announce our 2022 Fertilizer and Lawn Care Products Sale.  Spring is not far away and soon you’ll be able to place your fertilizer, seed, soil, or mulch orders!

Our online ordering system for fertilizer and seed will open in March for business and because of our volumes and no HST we’ve been able to keep our prices highly competitive.  And Big Yellow Bags of soil or mulch can be ordered directly from Green Horizons.  Don’t forget to use our Loyalty/Promo Code ‘MAPGROVE22’ when ordering your Big Yellow Bag online or by phone. 

New this year  Big Yellow Bag depot at Maple Grove United Church where you can drop off your empty Big Yellow Bag.   Maple Grove will receive a donation for each empty bag returned.

Watch for our 2022 Sale Flyer available soon at:

We are looking for volunteers to help deliver customer letters and Sale Flyers in the following territories:    

  • #5      Ryland, Carrington, Chancery, Bennington, Kingsford     
  • #14    Drummond, Avon, Ario, Amber, Ash, Devon                      
  • #22    Chartwell, Cedar Grove, Popular, Birchview, Coral          
  • #51    Lakeshore to Summer, Allan to Balsam                                
  • #58    Falgarwood   

If you’re looking for an excuse to be outside, get some fresh air and exercise, please email us at

or call the church at 905 845 5721 between 9am – 3pm, Monday to Friday, and leave a message.

Thank you for your support!