Maple Grove United Church - the congregation in the Sanctuary

At the June 18th AGM, the congregation was updated on our progress of the United Churches’ Loving God, Loving Neighbourhood initiative. If you wish a copy of the update report from the AGM it is available from Dorothy Gartshore at gartshore.d@gmail.com. This initiative, which started with the Identity, Mission & Needs Analysis survey, focuses on strengthening the bond between individual United Churches and their surrounding communities.

What’s Next: As of June 25th we will have completed our Table Talk sessions. The results of these talks will be complied during the summer and will be used as a template for our Community Round Table session in September. The round table session involves inviting members of the surrounding community to the church to discuss their needs and to see if we can be of service.

What do we need from you: In order to strengthen our bond with the surrounding neighbourhood we need ideas, ideas and more ideas! Please use the summer to think of ways that Maple Grove can interact with the community around the church. There is no idea too big, too small or too outrageous.

Criteria for the ideas:

  1. Keep in mind that any interaction/event should have an element of FUN!
  2. If your idea requires many volunteers to be successful, it needs to be a shared event with another church or outside agency.

Every time you think of a possible idea, write it down or send it to Dorothy Gartshore right away. The goal is to have 100 ideas by September! No one has 100 ideas, but everybody should have at least 1.

Together we can make this happen. Help ensure the longevity of Maple Grove for generations to come.