United Church of Canada – Relief Efforts

Emergencies at Home and around the Globe

The United Church of Canada E-ssentials – September 8, 2017


Emergencies at Home and around the Globe

The United Church of Canada is monitoring several situations around the world where people are facing the effects of extreme weather events. Please join us in praying for those impacted by these events, our partners in the regions, and those who remain in harm’s way from approaching storms. Find out more about the United Church response to these situations and how you can help.

  • The United Church of Canada is accepting donations for relief efforts related to Hurricane Irma. The United Church of Canada works with several churches and agencies throughout the Caribbean region, including ACT Alliance, the Methodist Church of the Caribbean and the Americas, the Cuban Council of Churches, and the Karl Lévêque Cultural Institute. This provides multiple ways that the church can assist people affected by Hurricane Irma to assist with evacuations and emergency shelter where necessary, and to plan for post-storm responses.
  • In the United States, our full communion partner, the United Church of Christ, is initiating responses to the ongoing wind and flood disaster on the Gulf Coast. The United Church of Christ is accepting donations for these efforts.
  • Floods in parts of southeast Asia are causing significant hardship and loss of life as well as property. The United Church of Canada has responded to emergency relief efforts in India through Mission & Service partner ACT Alliance. We have also contributed to an ecumenical emergency response in India through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. We continue to monitor the situation and discern how best we can offer support and prayer. And we ask people to pray for all those affected.
  • Close to home, First Nations communities in northern Manitoba are experiencing devastation from forest fires requiring evacuation. We are tracking this situation closely and are working with our Indigenous colleagues to determine an appropriate response from the people of The United Church of Canada. Please join the Aboriginal Ministries Circle in prayer.

Faith communities and individuals can use the prayer, “Gather Us, Great Creator” to pray for all those who are being affected by extreme weather events.

[Photo: Associated Press/Rajanish Kakade]