Towards a Motivating Vision

 As we prepare for new leadership in ministry during this Interim time another step along the way is to discern a congregation’s “motivating vision” which along with the Core Values gives direction and focus for all of the activities in ministry and mission that a congregation undertakes. 

Such a vision is not a lengthy mission statement, but rather a short, memorable “song in the heart” that everyone who participates in the life of that congregation gets to know and learn and seek to live out. At Maple Grove United, you already have two such phrases that may serve you in such a way: “Where the Spirit Soars and the Heart Finds a Home” and “Rooted in Faith, Growing Our Future”. But which one is best suited for the present journey forward? Or … is God eager to tease out a new song in the heart? 

Reflecting on passages of scripture, listening for God’s voice and Spirit addressing us here and now is one way of discerning what that motivating vision may be. For this Sunday, March 24; the following two Sundays, March 31, and April 7: and again on April 28, the format of our 9 a.m. worship service will change to create room and opportunity for the Spirit to speak to us. Instead of sermon time there will be three shorter periods of time to listen to and reflect on a passage of scripture for that day and respond to some connected questions. Some background to the passage will be given that may help frame the reflection and discussion. Participants are encouraged to bring a pen to record their responses.   

Our 10:30 worship service will follow the current usual pattern, but the passages for reflection and connected questions will be available in print in take home form and will also posted on-line on our church website. 

Responses will be collected by members of our Transition Team who will sift through them with listening hearts and offer up some possible phrases for a “motivating vision” that everyone will have a chance to select through some form of polling process. 

This is also an opportunity to offer some experimental forms and practices of worship that are in a more meditative style. It is an opportunity for God’s people at Maple Grove United to be attentive and open to the Spirit of God calling you into the next chapter in your journey together as a community of faith. Your Transition Team encourages a broad-based participation in this part of the process.