New Minister Process

Congregational Meeting: Sunday, November 17that 10 a.m. (between services of worship)
Maple Grove United congregation is called to meet at this time to consider the Living Faith Story document and attending demographic information for approval. This is a necessary step in the process of issuing a call to a new minister If the Faith Story is approved, a regional representative will work with an appointed Search Team to create a job description, and conduct a search for a new minister.

As we previously advised you, the process involves a number of approvals. To get to the end of this process, we have to submit five forms, approved by Council and Congregation, to Horseshoe Falls Region.

They are:
1.      Living Faith Story
2.      Demographic Worksheet
3.      Real Property Worksheet
4.      Financial Viability Worksheet
5.      Manse Worksheet

A Preparation Committee consisting of Sandra Kerr, Ross Gilmour, and myself was appointed to prepare them. We have completed our work and our recommended forms are going to Council on November 3. We are targeting November 17 between services (approximately 10:00 A. M.)  for a Congregational General Meeting to approve them.

The heart of the approval relates to the first two (primarily the first). When complete, I intend to post the first three to the website for your review. I am not comfortable posting the last two (Financial Viability and Manse Worksheets) as they contained detailed information about the Congregation and Tenant that I don’t wish to share with the world. However, as members of the Congregation, you are entitled to review them. If you so wish, please advise and I will send you a copy. 

To reassure you on these, I did not prepare the information. The Financial Viability Worksheet was prepared by the team of Gord Penley, Brian Simpson, and Paula Warden. The Manse Information was provided by Kim MacKay.

Post prepared by Al Wheable