Secure Mail Box, Accessibility Entrance

We want you to know that even though the doors are closed, employees and volunteers are working hard to look after our church. Council meets monthly as always. Sunday services are providing a connection to our congregation and to those in need, you can reach us with just a phone call…

Without the ability to attend Church services in person, many of our congregation are unable to make their offerings in a manner for which they are most comfortable. We wish to remind everyone that even though the Church is officially closed and our services are not held live but virtually by video link, the costs of our Church continue.  If you normally make your offerings by cash or cheque when you are attending in-person, please consider making a one-time payment, or monthly post-dated cheques, or using the attached form to move your offerings to PAR, even if only temporarily until we return to in-person services.  You are always able to transition back from PAR if you want to, once things return to normal. You can mail your offering OR drop it off in the special locked box by the entrance door.

Thank you from the Stewardship Committee!