Butterfly Garden (Formerly Pollinator Garden)

Katy Joaquim:

This project is about hope for me. It is about taking a tiny baby step to help the environment.  There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that we are not headed in the right direction on biodiversity and environmental health and it can be very depressing.  As small as this garden is, it is a move to show that native plants, plants that support bugs can be beautiful, and even if they are not beautiful they are critical to survival. I am alarmed and I need a constructive place to use the energy generated by fear for the future; this garden hopefully will play a leadership role in re-educating myself and the community about the importance of supporting pollinators. 
Thank you for the opportunity to help create this garden.

I would like to thank the following volunteer gardeners for their support, Hugh Wanless , Jennifer Bensen, Mary Lloyd, Carol Gilchrist, Adam Clyde, Bobbi Jo Walker, and Jim Lilly.  We are also guided by the following experts Aki Tanaka, Sheelagh Rowland-Brown and Judy Lang. Shout out to JC Berube for his patience!