Poinsettia Pickup


Your poinsettia team are poised and ready to make next Saturday December 4th’s pick up of your plants go as smoothly as possible! Following the great success of last year we ask that you “drive through” the circle at the front of the church by the Friendship room between 10 am and 2 p.m. and advise a volunteer of your name. Your plant order will brought to your car.

Please have safe spot ready to load. Poinsettias like warm cars so this way we can ensure the plants stay beautiful while you get them directly home!

Please be advised that we will not be equipped to offer covid screening in the church so entry will be restricted to volunteers who have been prescreened. If you need to communicate with us up to the day of pick up please use our email hpwanless@gmail.com

If you have not yet paid for your order, please do so before Saturday or bring it with you at pick up. Thank you sooo much for your support of the sale! It is a win win when we help the ongoing needs of the church and you get to enjoy the holiday season with the colourful beauty of a poinsettia!

Enjoy and a Safe, Healthy and Joyous Christmas!
Patty and her Poinsettia Pals